Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Labor Day Plans

Aidan and I are going on holiday this weekend to meet my ex-husband’s family for Labor Day. My wish is to get some sun, lie on the beach and read a book(s).

I have a chronic problem with checking out too many books from the library and not having enough time to read them. Sometimes I just lose interest in the middle of a book and start another. I finished the last book, “The Taoism of Pooh”. Now I am between Wayne Dyer’s “There is a Spiritual Solution for Everything and “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. You would think since I haven’t finished these books I wouldn’t have started another, but I did, “The Taoism of Willie Nelson.” Yeah I know what you are thinking, a lot of spiritual books. We will have to that discuss that later.

So, we are driving down with Aidan’s great aunt and uncle to Myrtle Beach on Friday and then taking a train back to Richmond on Tuesday. Of course Aidan is more excited about the train than the beach. Pretty normal for his age I guess. I can’t believe he will be three soon. Only 2 months until October 18.

But let me go back a little. Here is a picture of Aidan when he was a cuddly baby. He still cuddles I just have to bribe him with chocolate milk now.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello Everyone

Well, I have been inspired. Recently one of my college friends, Jenny T. started a blog. And more importantly had a baby boy. He is so adorable by the way, Jenny. At the news of hearing I was so happy and actually got a little teary eyed remembering the new joys of motherhood.

Then it made me a little sad. I live far away from all my family and friends and frankly haven’t kept up with everyone. I don’t even have Jenny’s address!! We talk ever so often, but time passes, jobs change and families grow. Friends which have supported and made me the person I am today slowly fade into the background of everyday life. Surprisingly, I still feel close to all those friends to which I go 6 months or more between conversations. I feel guilt for not keeping into touch. So I am going to try this blog thing. I am not an eloquent writer, but I hope to give everyone a peak into my life now.

Love to all of you,