Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Nicer version of “Darn It".

So Aidan says “darn it”. Well, at least it sounds like “darn it” and I pray it is not “damn it”. It is still hard to tell. So gently I remind him not to say it just is case it is “damn it”.

Background: Aidan carries around match box cars almost everywhere he goes. His latest dilemma, he doesn’t have a toy man small enough to fit in one of his trucks.

This morning the topic came up again.

Aidan: “Momma I need a little man to fit in my car.”

Me: “I’m sorry Aidan I don’t think they make men small enough to fit.”

Aidan: “A man fits in my dump truck.”

Me: “The dump truck man is big. Your car is little. He doesn’t fit.”

Aidan looking at his car: “Oh Pickles!”

"Oh Pickles", I love it. He told me he heard it on a cartoon. I hope it sticks

Monday, December 1, 2008

Home Sweet Almost Home

Well, my townhome is coming along. The target date for closing is still Feb 28, but it looks like a house now. Aidan and I stopped by on Thanksgiving morning, and workers were putting on the siding. My current living space is starting to burst at the seems. Sharing a bedroom with a three year old is starting to wear me down. Moving from 1 room to 1200 sf is going to be pure a luxury.

The upstairs windows you see are Aidan's. Below is a view from his bedroom. There are going to be dozens of other single family homes built to the treeline.

The clouds are so beautiful in this picture.