Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Aidan at Christmas.

The only thing he wanted was a Castle. So "Santa" brought him. "Santa" also spent about an hour putting the whole thing to together the night before.

Aidan making cookies for Santa.

Well after all the Christmas celebration I got sick. I was already tired and haven't got back into the groove of things, and now I have a cold. I still haven't unpacked from visiting my parents over Christmas. And my car is a mess. There is something about winter that just shuts me down.

I refuse to make resolutions in January becuase it simply doesn't fee like a new year to me. I feel new and refreshed when Spring comes around. That is my resolution time.
So I look to the new year with lots of great expectations. I will be in a new house soon and for the first time will get to decorate and paint the walls. I am very excited.

Happy New Year

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Jenny said...

Looks like you all had a nice Christmas! Hope you are feeling better!!