Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother’s Day 2014 – Subscription Box Style

I do not get many subscription boxes anymore. Occasionally I buy an Ecocentric Mom, Eco-Emi or Yuzen box. For a while I was addicted, but really there are only so many sample products you can receive without getting overwhelmed.  I still have a rather large back log of products to evaluate.   What I love most about my select subscription boxes is the way they are carefully packed. I just feel so special opening each and finding so many surprises I almost always adore.

So for the last couple of months I have been picking up odds and ends for my Mom. I have been planning on sending her my own "subscription style" Mother's Day Box. I am super happy how it turned out and I wanted to share the packaging and content with you.

 I chose teal, purple and read jewel tones for the packaging.
So just like in most "sub" boxes, I tried to have packages within packages. I have been saving everything lately (blog post on that later), so I had several small fabric bags and one cellophane bag. 

  • Spring Cleaning: contained a cutie tootie dish brush, bar of homemade lye soap, and several large sized eco-friendly detergent SportSuds samples. I haven't tried out my samples of SportsSuds yet. I received them and the lye soap from EcocentricMom. 

  • Treat Bag: Honibe Honey Lozenges and Honey Delights, Numi tea, Fair Trade Chocolate and a Luna bar. I enclosed all of the snacks in a little read fabric bag. 

  • The last little white bag  contained a Marienatie Lip Gloss and a Bach Flower Essence Remedy. Oh My, Marienatie lip gloss is Fabulous!!! It is all natural and smells of vanilla. I almost wrote "smells like vanilla". This is made with the real stuff! No fake lab made chemicals here!


So for the rest of the box I tucked in several other items: A long handled shower brush/loafah, Ecotools shower scrubber, and EOS organic lip balm*, CocoaVia sample (chocolate heart health supplement), and Celestial seasoning black tea pods. The box actually contained about 20 of these pods.  I used them as filler.   The two little wrapped boxes contained a heart necklace and a bead for my Mom's Pandora bracelet.

I created a box for my sister and niece a couple of months ago, but did not document it. It was super cute. I really enjoyed putting together this box and I really hope my Mom enjoys opening it.


Have you had any inspired gift giving lately?


Blessings and Love,

* Be careful buying EOS products.  I thought most of their products were natural and/or organic, but recently I read their lotion ingredients.  They did not strike me as natural, but I need to research it further. 

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