Monday, September 22, 2008

Eating Healthy, Kind of

So I am still going strong. I did have a chocolate bar, 2 doughnuts and ice cream this weekend. It sounds like a lot after when you actually type it out. But, after two weeks with almost no sugar at all I guess I wanted to award myself. I truly believe in the theory of being addicted to sugar. After two weeks with not much at all I really didn’t have any cravings. But after having that first bite of chocolate I had cravings for like two days.

Today I am breaking it. I am not going dwell in the past. Today has been healthy eating all the way. So I am happy.

I haven’t admitted it to many people but I have been eating vegetarian for about a month. It has been great. Of course the few people who do know, of course ask, “what about protein?”. “I have to have protein”, they all say. Well I am proud to report. I eat too much protein. I have been checking in with the U.S.D.A “my pyramid” website. Every day for the last two weeks I am way over. So there.

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Sara said...

I get the question about protein all of the time too as a vegetarian, it used to bother me, but now I take it as an opportunity to educate. Congrats at taking the first step, you should be proud of yourself for trying to better your health. And about the sugar cravings, they will get better, even I can no longer handle a lot of sugar anymore!