Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Music Search

I remember the first cd of music I ever received. It was my birthday. I was 16 years old and the album was the soundtrack from the “Bodyguard” from Whitney Houston.

Back then cds were an emerging technology. I remember talk about how they were indestructible. You could throw one across the room and it would survive, while that is true, I later found out they were easily scratched and ruined. Apart from that cd and a couple of music cassette tapes (my last cassette purchase Michael J. “Dangerous”) I really didn’t get into the music scene.

That means, I just listened the radio. What ever was playing I mindlessly listened to. In college my music horizons were broadened by my roommate Lindsey and college in general. But still I made no effort to obtain music or even get to know artist or album names.

But after during my divorce I got a myspace account and everything changed. With one click to an acquaintance’s page and I heard something different. A song by a little band from Texas, their name “Ghostland Observatory”, the song “Sad, Sad City”. Check it out here

I am not quite sure what happened to me. I had to buy the cd. They didn’t carry it in stores, so I had to search it out. Actually it isn’t hard with the internet. I hadn’t bought a cd in quite possibly 5-7 yrs. Actually at that point I don’t remember when I had last bought one.

Anyway, I then started searching out lesser know bands and popular ones for that matter. In this search I have found music to fit my mood, the weather, a feeling I want to remember, music in remembrance of far away friends or just music that made me feel good.

The latest cd I am waiting for is by Chairlift from New York.

So I may be behind in my music education, but I am catching up. I had been missing out for a long time.

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PintSize said...

I love music that brings back a memory of a friend, an experience or a place. Or music that has thought provoking lyrics.

It's fascinating to realize that people "listen" to music in different ways. Some listen to the words, some listen to the feelings it produces within themselves and others listen to the rhythm or technical aspects of the music.

I'm glad your finding your own way in music.