Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Scottish Festival

Aidan and I went to a great Scottish Festival last Saturday. I had planned on staying maybe an hour, but we were there for almost five. My mother’s family is Scottish with the surname Buckalew. The Buckalews’ are a part of the Scott Clan. So Aidan and I spent along time at the Scott Clan tent and I learned so much.

We watched highland games including the caber toss. Not really a toss if you ask me.

Aidan and I spent the most time listening to the bands.

Albannach (AL-ban-ock),
Rathkeltair (rath-KELT-ur),
Poisoned Dwarf

All were really good. Aidan loved Albannach, they had really big drums. He sat on my shoulders and kept asking me to get closer.

So I am still vegetarian. I was scared for a while, every food sign I saw at the festival said, “Meat Pie”. It took some looking but I found something delicious.

Aidan’s birthday is coming up. I am having a party for him this Saturday. So that means I have to bake a cake Friday night. I am envisioning a ½ sheet with picture Thomas the Train. We will see how it goes. I haven’t decorated a cake is quite some time.

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